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The page features some of the highly acknowledged brokers in the Indian financial markets. The adverts are a mix of discount brokers, traditional brokers and those specializing in automated trading platforms best matched for retail traders.

For an investor/ trader, broker's are the best guide for all your trading and investment needs. Therefore, before setting up your trading/ demat account, go through the info provided by the brokers listed here and connect directly with the broker you find to be the most appropriate solution provider for all your trading requirements.



Headquartered in Bangalore, we are trading members on all the leading Indian Exchanges for the last 22 years. Our offerings are targeted at the traditional retail investor and algo- traders alike. Our primary services include Discount broking- Rs. 15 per transaction; Online & mobile trading; Algo trading- Fully automated trading platforms with cloud technology; Mutual funds- Pre- programmed option to choose investments based on pre- defined criteria and risk profile.

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