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Our equity advisory for investors in the Indian equity markets are structured to deliver sustainable medium- long term growth in portfolios. Our investment strategies are based on active research and our advice on asset selection is a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. We perform extensive research and analyse all macro & micro factors that go into selecting stocks that complete the portfolio. Although our focus is on large cap stocks, we also look for value stocks in the mid- cap sector that we believe are fundamentally strong but undervalued for a variety of reasons and are likely to outperform the Index eventually..


The focus of our fundamental research on listed companies is typically based on

  • Predictable growth profiles
  • Strong competitive positioning
  • Top quality management
  • Solid balance sheets
  • ROEs and cash flows

Our equity advisory services also comprises of derivatives trades on the Nifty for clients interested in hedging their equity exposure, as we aim to capture short- term moves in the Index.

We follow stringent risk management on all our investment advices to ensure equity investments are adequately hedged to minimise the impact of unanticipated near term volatility in the markets..


Strategy Positional
Min. investment Rs. 100,000
Max. scrips / portfolio 10
Stop Loss per scrip 5 percent
Subscription costs Monthly -   Rs. 1500
3 months - Rs. 4200

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