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Our offerings address a broad swathe of the BFSI segment

Our experience spans all forms of analysis on the global financial markets. Our proficiency is across financial instruments, and our clients from multiple regions or domains. We cater to the diverse needs of individuals & institutions and guarantee the originality of all outsourced themes. We are privileged to be associated with several clients across continents and geared to meet the challenges that are continually changing the outlook of the global financial services industry in general and the financial markets in particular.
Here are our primary offerings to individuals and institutions and we look forward to working with you.

Financial Institutions


  • Trade recommendations- FX, global equities & commodities.
  • Real-time market commentaries.
  • Corporate training- Fundamental, Technical Analysis, Financial Planning.
  • Deliver advisory services- Technical analysis, derivatives, trading strategies.
  • Equities- Preview, review financial earnings & key corporate announcements.
  • Live updates - Global economic data.
  • Content writing- Blogs, articles, training modules.



Educational Institutions


  • Formulate the entire financial markets curriculum for the institution.
  • Organise certified training workshops on the financial markets.
  • Deliver guest lectures to create awareness of the various courses.
  • Train professors and the other student-facing personnel.
  • Organise seminars, webinars.
  • Allow students real-time exposure to paper trading terminals.
  • Career opportunities for students completing the certification.

Forex Brokers


  • Analyse and broadcast daily FX outlook.
  • Real-time updates of key announcements.
  • Deliver seminars, webinars on behalf of clients.
  • Prepare market commentaries, e-learning on the nitty-gritty of the FX markets
  • Organise weekly FX reports, e-books, and tutorials.
  • Training workforce and clients.
  • Assist FX, CFD brokers in all aspects of the front, middle office operations.



HNI’s and retail investors


  • Certified Online/Classroom financial market training workshops for individuals.
  • Weekend training workshops in technical analysis, derivatives, and back-office.
  • Advisory services in FX, equities, commodities.
  • Trading strategies and real-time trade recommendations.
  • Assistance in financial planning.
  • Job placement assistance for individuals completing the certification.
  • Fund/portfolio management.

TakeStock Research


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