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Services aligned to leverage client information

We are completely aligned to meet the prerequisites of individual investors and corporates and ensure
that our services conform to definite client requirements and compliance, including client privacy. Our business support
services are targeted at clients worldwide looking to outsource the following services

  • Equity research, desk, sector, and valuation reports
  • Market commentary- Equities, commodities, forex, and fixed income
  • Monitor & report on global macroeconomic announcements
  • Diverse articles on the financial markets
  • Review earnings and industry announcements of listed companies
  • Content Management in e-learning & training
  • Financial market curriculum for educational institutions
  • Moderate on social media platforms, blogs & financial services websites
  • Exclusive research & advisory services in US equities
  • Formulate low-risk derivatives strategies
  • Online/Classroom training in technical analysis, derivatives, trading strategies
  • Corporate training in investment planning
  • Real-time technical analysis-based trading calls/options strategies- Equities, Commodities & FX

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Core capabilities addressing a broad swathe of the BFSI segment

Our Core Strengths

Trading systems

Trading systems

Robust trading systems integrated with more than 10 years of data to produce outstanding results in a live market environment.
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Content writing

Content writing

Organising financial content on topics related to the financial markets and personal finance, disseminated on several global financial services websites.
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Equity research

Equity research

Capital allocated in diverse instruments to achieve a fine balance between risk and returns to suit the exclusive needs of investors.
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Market analysis

Market analysis

Combination of data and charts to direct regular trade recommendations and market commentaries on the global financial markets.
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Our Core Capabilities

Trading strategies

Opportunities for retail and HN investors in the Indian equity markets looking for steady growth in invested capital from our potentially low- risk derivatives strategies.


Presented 100’s of ghost-written articles on the financial markets to FX brokers and corporates comprising of research, advisory, market commentaries, education.


Discourses, webinars, seminars & guest lectures on the financial markets to assist novice, investors and traders analyse and interpret data accurately.

Algo solutions

Complete algo trading solutions- right from inception, selecting the right platform and broker, real- time data vendors to coding, testing and deploying systems


Work with higher educational institutions in framing the core curriculum comprising of the basics of financial markets to advanced economies and personal finance.

Personal finance

Content writing and editorials on a variety of topics related to personal finance to assist long- term investors choose a clear-cut approach to savings and investment.

TakeStock Research


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