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Our online/ classroom training in the financial markets are structured for all classes of individuals. All our training workshops are structured to bring together participants comprising of students looking to supplement their ongoing education in finance to enhance their career opportunities and experienced investors willing to learn innovative trading techniques, share their knowledge, experience and ideas, thereby inspiring freshers and risk- averse investors to look at the financial markets and the associated asset classes from the perspective of alternate investments.

Participants can choose from the various training modules on offer which typically comprise of a combination of short sessions and the longer duration certification programs. To ensure members receive the finest training in all aspects of the financial markets, our instructors have been designated based on their vast hands- on experience in the financial markets.

Interested candidates can fill out the registration form, select the training workshop that excites you and we will get in touch with you prior to the commencement of our next training program.



Certification in Financial Markets-


The 2- months certified training in financial markets caters to all the segments of a Financial Markets Intermediary; front, middle and back office operations. The one of a kind program is designed for career oriented individuals and is packed with all there is to know about the financial markets. In addition to the in- depth training delivered by industry experts, participants are encouraged to play an active role in the practise and mock trading sessions. The certification course will also comprise of regular assessments and case studies and candidates who complete the entire program will be eligible for placement support.

Who can attend- Graduates/ Students preparing for graduation, individuals looking for a career in the financial markets, retail investors & traders.
Duration- 60 hours
Training category- Classroom
Schedule- Weekends



Research & Analysis-


The 30-hours financial markets training is explicitly planned for traders & investors who are keen on learning everything about analysing and investing in the financial markets. Learn the history of the financial markets, key terminologies, categories of risky and fixed income instruments, market participants and order types before proceeding to fundamental & technical analysis, options & trading strategies. As an additional feature, we have included paper trading sessions where members can practise their trading techniques in a LIVE market environment without risking their capital.

Who can attend- Freshers/ experienced investors & traders.
Duration-30 hours
Training category- Classroom
Schedule- Weekends

Technical Analysis-


The 10-hour session is developed for traders and investors in the financial markets who wish to understand the key elements of chart analysis. Beginning with a quick glimpse of the financial instruments, the two- day technical analysis training comprises of in- depth analysis of charts, right from the basics of charting, entries & stops, monitoring trends, chart patterns, plotting trendlines, using leading technical indicators and retracements. Participants will be actively involved in the practise sessions to completely understand all the nitty-gritties of chart analysis.

Who can attend- Freshers, experienced traders excited to become independent analysts
Duration- 10 hours
Training category- Online/ Classroom
Schedule- Weekends



Options Strategies-


This one-day session is intended for investors looking to learn all about options and the various strategies used under different market conditions to effectively manage risk. The module is structured to assist traders in understanding all the intricacies of options trading right from the basics to generating custom strategies. In addition to plain vanilla and text- book approaches, participants will acquire sufficient knowledge and methodologies to create their own custom strategies with payoff diagrams based on the market outlook and monitor real- time performance.

Who can attend- Freshers, experienced traders who wish to use alternate trading strategies
Duration-5 hours
Training category- Online/ Classroom
Schedule- Weekends

Front- Back Office Operations


This one-day training program could be extremely useful for freshers/ job seekers pursuing a non-research career with a Financial Markets Intermediary. Beginning with the basics, the training aims to cover all aspects of the front office desk such as customer support, account types, account opening procedure, documentation, KYC and KRA verification. In the back- office operations part of the training, we provide you with exhaustive information on risk management, different margining structures, trade confirmation, data processing, client statements and much, much more.

Who can attend- Students, freshers and working professionals eyeing a career with Financial Institution’s
Duration- 5 hours
Training category- Classroom
Schedule- Weekends


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